Navy Blue Satin Button

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  • Navy Blue Satin Button
  • Navy Blue Satin Button | Silk Satin Buttons


The Navy Blue Satin Button, manufactured by Nakpunar Wedding, is a stunning addition to the Silk Satin Buttons category. This fabric-covered button comes in various sizes, including 20L (1/2 - 13 mm), 24L (5/8 - 15 mm), 30L (3/4 - 19 mm), 36L (7/8 - 23 mm), 45L (1-1/8 - 28 mm), 60L (1-1/2 - 38 mm), and 75L (1-7/8 - 47 mm). Crafted with high-quality satin material, these buttons offer exceptional durability and a luxurious finish. The Navy Blue Satin Button's unique selling points lie in its versatile use, as it complements a wide range of garments and accessories. Add a touch of elegance to your sewing projects with the Nakpunar Wedding Navy Blue Satin Button.
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