Royal Blue Silk Satin Button

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  • Royal Blue Silk Satin Button | Silk Satin Buttons
  • Royal Blue Silk Satin Buttons in 7 different sizes with shank back to sew


Introducing the Royal Blue Silk Satin Button, a stunning addition to our Silk Satin Buttons category, proudly manufactured by Nakpunar Wedding. These fabric-covered buttons are available in various sizes to suit your creative needs (20L - 1/2 - 13 mm, 24L - 5/8 - 15 mm, 30L - 3/4 - 19 mm, 36L - 7/8 - 23 mm, 45L - 1-1/8 - 28 mm, 60L - 1-1/2 - 38 mm, 75L - 1-7/8 - 47 mm).

Made from luxurious royal blue silk satin, these buttons exude elegance and sophistication for your tuxedo, suits, bridesmaid gowns, upholstery, and craft needs. Their unique selling point lies in their impeccable quality and versatility, making them an ideal choice for embellishing garments and accessories. Upgrade your fashion creations with our Royal Blue Satin Buttons today.

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