Teal Silk Satin Button

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  • Teal Silk Satin Button | Silk Satin Buttons
  • Teal Silk Satin Buttons with shank back in 7 different size for wedding dresses, gowns, upholstery, blazers


The Teal Satin Buttons, manufactured by Nakpunar Wedding, is an exquisite addition to our Silk Satin Buttons collection. Neither green nor blue it is a very elegant color. These buttons are covered in high-quality teal silk satin fabric, enhancing their elegance and providing a luxurious touch to any garment or craft project. This listing is only for 1 buttons.

Available in various sizes ranging from 20L - 1/2 - 13 mm to 75L - 1-7/8 - 47 mm, these buttons are perfect for adding a pop of color and sophistication to dresses, blouses, suits, and more. The Teal Silk Satin Buttons by Nakpunar Wedding are truly exceptional and are sure to impress with their beautiful fabric and precise sizes.

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