Mint Green Silk Satin Button

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  • Mint Green Silk Satin Button | Silk Satin Buttons
  • Mint Green Silk Satin Button with shank back for sewing shows in 7 different sizes


This exquisite int Mint Green Silk Satin Button belongs to the Silk Satin Buttons category and is tailored to perfection. Crafted with the finest silk satin fabric, these buttons possess a luxurious shine and unrivaled softness. As for the sizes, we offer a wide range to suit your needs: From wedding dresses to gowns, upholstery, throw pillows to theatrical costumes.

20L (1/2 - 13 mm) all the way up to 75L (1-7/8 - 47 mm). These mint green satin buttons are not only visually appealing but also durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. 

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