Brown Emery Pincushion / Pin Cushion - Crame Brule

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The Emery Pincushion made with Velvet fabric, filled with abrasive Emery Sand and decorated with Pearl and Rhinestone button. W 2.5"x H 1.5" and comes with a Gift Box! Here is 4 Emery Pincushion made with Caramel Velvet. Please let me know which one you'd like to get. If there is no message I'll choose one for you!One thing you have to know about Emery Pincushion is every time you stick your needle or pin into an emery pincushion, it cleans it of the natural oils in your fingers and any impurities in your cloth. It also sharpens the very tip of your needle, making your work quicker and easier on your hands.There is special inner cover for the emery sand.Same time can be use for paper weight (Around 4 oz) or relaxation (it has magnetite in it)Thanks for looking

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