89TW Lug Lid - 6 Lugs

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  • 89TW Lug Lid - 6 Lugs | TW Lug Lids
  • How to measure 89TW lug lid
  • 89TW Lug Lids works with 11 oz Tureen Jars
  • 89TW Gold Metal Lug Lids 89-2050 replacement lids for store bought Vlasic pickle seen in the picture
  • 89TW Lug Lids work with this style 1 gallon glass jar


The 89TW Gold Metal Lug Lids | Canning Lids is a high-quality product manufactured by the renowned brand Nakpunar. Designed specifically for the TW Lug Lids category, this lid is perfect for preserving and sealing your homemade jams, jellies, pickles, and more. With its reliable six lugs, it ensures an airtight seal, keeping your food fresh for a longer time. Made from durable materials, this lid is built to last and withstand high temperatures during the canning process. The '89TW Lug Lid - 6 Lugs' is an essential tool for any home canning enthusiast, providing both functionality and peace of mind.
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