Size #9 Natural Cork Stopper

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  • Size #9 Natural Cork Stopper | Corks & Stoppers
  • Size #9 Natural Cork Stopper
  • Size #9 Natural Cork Stopper


Natural tapered Size #9 Corks Stoppers are perfect to use with most 21mm opening wine bottles, champagne bottles, lab tubes, vials, bottles. Made from 100% natural cork.

Works with our corked bottles: 4 oz Crystal Cut Spherical, 25 oz heavy bottom Nordic Bottles. 

It don't work with our corked bottles : Spherical, Square, Boston, 12 oz Heavy Bottom Nordic Bottles, 8 oz Recycled Spanish Boston Bottles You need to get #8 cork for them.

Top Diameter: 15/16" (24mm)
Bottom Diameter: 47/64" (18mm)
Length: 1-1/8" (29mm)



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