Natural Homespun Plaid Fabric Jar Covers with Hemp Twine Ties - 1 Dozen

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Elevate your homemade creations with a touch of authentic charm with our Fabric Jar Covers. Crafted with love and care, each set of 12 covers is designed to bring out the rustic beauty of your homemade goods.

Why Choose Fray Edge?
Our Fabric Jar Covers stand out from the rest for a simple yet significant reason – the Fray Edge. Unlike others that offer a uniform zigzag cut, we celebrate the uniqueness of your homemade goods by leaving the edges naturally frayed. This imperfection is a testament to the handwoven artistry of our homespun fabric, lovingly crafted in India. Each Fray Edge is a reminder of the genuine, human touch that goes into your creations.

Key Features:
1. Available in 5" and 6" diameters to fit a variety of jar sizes.
2. Each set includes 12 covers, ensuring you have plenty to use for your creative endeavors.
3. Coordinated hemp twine is included in every set, adding a rustic finishing touch.
4. Our homespun fabric, handwoven in India, exudes natural charm and authenticity.
5. The Fray Edge adds character and uniqueness to your homemade goods, setting them apart from the ordinary.

Create an inviting, homely atmosphere with our Fabric Jar Covers – they're not just covers, they're a statement of your dedication to the art of homemade crafts.

Add a touch of rustic elegance to your creations today! Choose Fray Edge – because imperfections are the most beautiful part of your homemade goods. 

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