Foxy gingham Fabric Jar Cover with Jute Twine Ties

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Elevate your home decor with our charming Burgundy Black Fabric Jar Cover with Jute Twine Ties, now available in a set of one dozen. This can be use for a variety of occasions and events where a foxy or playful theme is appropriate. It could be suitable for birthday parties, baby showers, or any celebration where you want to add a touch of whimsy and charm to your decorations. The gingham pattern and jute twine ties could also work well for rustic or country-themed gatherings. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these rustic-inspired covers bring a touch of timeless Americana charm to your space.


Why Choose Fray Edge?

Our Fabric Jar Covers stand out from the rest for a simple yet significant reason – the Fray Edge. While others offer uniform zigzag cuts, we celebrate the uniqueness of your homemade goods by leaving the edges naturally frayed. This imperfection serves as a testament to the handwoven artistry of our homespun fabric, meticulously crafted in India. Each Fray Edge is a reminder of the genuine, human touch that goes into your creations.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Sizing: Available in 5" and 6" diameters, our covers fit a variety of jar sizes.
  2. Generous Quantity: Each set includes 12 covers, ensuring you have plenty for your creative endeavors.
  3. Rustic Finishing Touch: Coordinated hemp twine is included in every set, adding a rustic and natural finishing touch.
  4. Authentic Craftsmanship: Our homespun fabric, handwoven in India, exudes natural charm and authenticity.
  5. Character and Uniqueness: The Fray Edge adds character and uniqueness to your homemade goods, setting them apart from the ordinary.

Create an inviting, homely atmosphere with our Fabric Jar Covers – they're not just covers; they're a statement of your dedication to the art of homemade crafts.

Add a touch of rustic elegance to your creations today! Choose Fray Edge – because imperfections are the most beautiful part of your homemade goods.

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