12 pcs 750 ml Regular Bottom Nordic Liquor Bottle with T-bar

GBC LQCL 2500 02
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Experience the timeless charm and versatility of the 750 ml (25 fl oz) Oregon bottle with its classic cork finish top. This high-quality glass bottle comes complete with a cork and bar top bottle stopper, providing you with two sealing options for your convenience. 

The Oregon bottle's generous 750 ml capacity makes it perfect for storing and showcasing your favorite beverages, whether it's wine, spirits, infused oils, mouth wash, liquors or homemade concoctions. Its elegant cork finish top not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures a secure seal, keeping your liquids fresh and protected from external elements. Whether you're a homebrewer, a wine enthusiast, or a craft connoisseur, the 750 ml Oregon bottle with its cork finish top and versatile sealing options is a must-have for preserving and presenting your beverages in style.

In comparison to the Nordic bottle, the Oregon bottle has a regular bottom. It makes this bottle less costly for the shipment. 

Discover the allure of the Oregon bottle today and elevate your packaging game with its timeless design, superior functionality, and multiple sealing options. Order now and unlock a world of possibilities for your favorite liquids.

Dimensions without cork is 3.65" wide 8.75" high

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