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Introducing the Nakpunar Wedding Burgundy Velvet Button, a luxurious and stylish accessory to elevate your garments and crafts.

These Fabric Covered Buttons are available in various sizes: 20L (1/2 - 13 mm), 24L (5/8 - 15 mm), 30L (3/4 - 19 mm), 36L (7/8 - 23 mm), 45L (1-1/8 - 28 mm), 60L (1-1/2 - 38 mm), and 75L (1-7/8 - 47 mm). Made with high-quality burgundy velvet, these buttons add elegance and sophistication to any project.

With their beautiful color and soft texture, they are perfect for wedding attire, formal clothing, or DIY crafts. Enhance your creations with the Nakpunar Wedding Burgundy Velvet Button today!

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