2 cups Fine Walnut Shells to fill Pin Cushions

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Now you can make your Eco- Friendly needle sharpener Pincushions with this loose Walnut Shells. It's eco-friendly alternative to our famous Pincushion filling of Emery Sand (Emery Powder, Emery Mineral and Grain)This Walnut shells are not for reptiles! This is special grind only for Pincushions! Small enough to not damage your needles very top and big enough to not leak from the needle holes of your pincushions.I always recommend an insert cover for all your pincushions made with Walnut Shells or Emery Sand. When you stick your needle into an Emery/Walnut Pincushion, it cleans and sharpens your needle, making your work quicker and easier.It's eco-friendly. If you have any kids or pets, this maybe the better alternative to our Emery Sand Pincushion Filling.1 cup Walnut Shell is appr. 5 oz when Emery Sand is 1 lb.With 1 cup filling you can make approximately 4 pincushions in 2"x3" or one big round pincushion in 4" diameter and little higher than 1".Please check my store for ready to ship Emery Pincushions! If you'd like to get a Walnut Pincushion I can make it for you!
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