50 pcs Sew-on Floral Flatback Resin Rhinestones - 5 Petal Floral (Choose your Color)

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  • Flat back, sew-on, floral resin rhinestone
  • Flat back, sew-on, floral resin rhinestone
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Beautiful shiny and high quality floral flatback sew-on rhinestones made with high quality resin. Sew-on rhinestones have small holes, either in the middle or along the outside edge, which make it possible to attach them by sewing. Flatback rhinestones can be adhered to surfaces by glue if you'd like to.

1 cm-0.39" with 1 hole in the middle

-To make fabric flower appliques (satin fabric circles are available in my store)
-To embellish; apparels, home textiles, headbands, jeweleries, wedding favors, scrapbooks, cards, invitations and a lot of different projects that waiting for your magical touch!

Push the threaded needle through the back of the fabric, up through one of the holes in the rhinestone. Pull the needle all the way through, until the thread is pulled tight. When you push the needle back down through the fabric, the needle should be on the outside of the rhinestone, forming a loop around the outside edge of the rhinestone. This loop of thread holds one side of the rhinestone down against the fabric. After you make two or three of these loops through the same hole, pull the needle through to the back of the fabric and start the next one. Do the same thing for each hole in the rhinestone.

Once you’ve done all of the holes for the rhinestone, make sure you pull the needle through to the back of the fabric. At this point, you need to make a knot and cut the thread. Some people prefer to tie the knot before cutting, using the thread in the needle and the thread in the last stitch to tie the knot. Another option is to cut the thread, leaving it long enough to work with, and tying a knot in the thread once the needle is removed. Once the knot is tied and the thread is cut, you have sewn your first rhinestone! (from ehow)

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