6.4 oz Glass Spice Jar with Shaker Fitment and Black Cap

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  • YOUR NEW FAVORITE KITCHEN ORGANIZING ACCESSORY! You can now forget about bulky round jars, and hard to organize plastic containers for your seasonings; these fantastic spice storage jars with ergonomically designed lids will make your life easier!
  • KEEP YOUR SPICES & HERBS FRESH & AROMATIC! The Shaker & Pour Dispenser lids aren’t only practical when it comes to cooking; they ensure that the jars are sealed when you aren’t using them, which keeps your herbs, spices, and condiments as fresh as they were the first day you stored them!
  • SAVE COUNTER SPACE & COOKING TIME! A neatly organized kitchen counter helps you cook faster and saves you lots of time when it comes to cleaning it after you’re done. Our jars have ideal 2 1/8“W x 5 1/2“ H dimensions; roughly translated this means that they are super compact and easy to store in a rack or your cupboards!
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY MATERIALS! The jars are made of fine-quality glass, while their lids are made of sturdy plastic (MADE in USA); they were specially designed to be able to with stand the daily use and will last you for years to come! Moreover, their smooth label panel allows you to write down or add effortlessly what each jar contains!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONES! Don’t think that these premium quality glass storage jars are only great for the kitchen; they are also incredible for storing glitter, sand, or any other similar material for DIY projects! Offer them to your loved ones and let them decide what they will do with them!
Capacity (oz):
6.4 oz