DMC Perle Threads

DMC Perle Threads

DMC Perle Threads

DMC Pearl Cotton is a highly mercerized, non-divisible, lustrous 100% cotton thread. The twist of the thread is how it received its “Pearl” description and DMC’s Pearl Cotton is best known as the most beautiful thread in the world. During the manufacturing process, the thread is combed, singed by flame and then double mercerized.  The thread is soft, silky, does not fluff or kink, and 100% colorfast. Made in France.

  • Pearl Balls size 5 is available on a ball. Needle size 5
  • Size 8 is available in 206 solid and 18 variegated colors on an 87 yard ball. Needle size 7
  • Size 12 is available in 40 solid colors on a 131 yard ball. Needle size 8

Pearl Cotton Balls are ideal to use for Cross stitch, Embroidery, Needlepoint, Hardanger, Blackwork, Redwork, Pulled thread, Smocking, Applique, Crochet, many types of creative stitchery.

Care and Washing: DMC Pearl Cotton Balls are 100% colorfast. They can be washed frequently without fading. The thread can be washed at high temperatures 95° C/203° F. Give particular attention to the fabric on which the thread was embroidered.




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