82TW Gold Metal Lug Lids 82-2040

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  • 82TW Plastisol Lined Lids - Made in USA 82-2040
  • 82TW Plastisol Lined Lids - Made in USA 82-2040
  • Black 82TW lug lid on hexagon jar
  • Black 82TW lug lid on salsa jar
  • White 82TW lug lid on salsa jar


  • 82TW twist off lug lid also known as 82-2040 screw on Metal BPA Free Canning Lids in color choice.
  • They are leak proof/airtight. Perfect for hot bathing, hot food filling for preserving, fermenting, canning, to store liquid or dry goods in your kitchen, pantry.
  • Plastisol metal lids lined with PVC along the perimeter. When your food heat meet with this perimeter is kinda get melt and when get cooled create a vacuum seal.
  • These lids works with 6 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz salsa jars, 6.75 oz, 8 oz tureen jars, 16 oz soft shoulder salsa jars.
  • If your jar has 6 thread on the neck and the diameter from out of thread to out of thread is 82mm, you need 82TW lug lids.


Works with:

Wellsley Farms Castelvetrano Pitted Sicilian Green Olives, 35.3 oz

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