1 fl oz Mini Glass Jar with Lug Lid (30ml)

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  • 1 fl oz Mini Glass Jar with Lug Lid (30ml)
  • 1 fl oz Mini Glass Jar with Lug Lid (30ml)
  • Nakpunar Mini Glass jar for sale for Wedding Favors, jam, jelly or honey
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This mini jam jar is very small but has a personality. Smooth sides are perfect to customize for DIY Wedding Favors, gift baskets or any events. Perfect to fill with jam, jellies, honey, to make DIY magnetic spice shelf as well as used for creams, cosmetics, pills, samples and much more.

1-5/8" wide and 1-1/2" high 

This jar holds 1 fl oz water and 1.5 oz honey (by weight)

Comes with BPA Free 43TW, airtight, leak proof, waterproof, smell proof, Plastisol Lined Lid in your color choice of Gold, Silver, White, Black and Red. Can be used for canning, preserving with hot water bath and hot food filling techniques.

There is no minimum. But if you prefer to buy with case, 160 jars coming in 1 case.

This jar works with our 4" wide fabric jar covers, 4" honey dippers.

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