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Emery Pincushions, Pincushion Fillings

Our famous Emery Pincushions are filled with abrasive Turkish Emery Sand. Emery Sand is very hard crushed rock which mixed with other species of abrasive minerals. When you push your needles and pins to this unique pincushion it clean and sharpens them and helps your sewing and quilting when beautiful pincushion add a nice touch to your sewing room and sewing basket.

You can get either ready to use Emery Pincushion or loose Emery Sand to make your very own Emery Pin cushion. We strongly adviced to use an inner cover to protect the leaks from pinholes. Our Emery Sand is at perfect grain size for your pincushions and 1 cup emery sand is weight 1 lb. 2" velvet pincushion has 3.4 oz, 4" velvet pincushion has 1 lb and cotton emery pincushion has 4.5 oz emery sand inside.

We also offer ecologic Walnut Shells and natural Pumice sand to fill pincushions. If you like your pincushion filled with one of these materials please choose the material when you check out.