Straight Sided Jars

Straight Sided Jars

Our regular jars are classic straight edge jars and great for all kind use. The straight sides are allow to add labels on them easily.

They're great for wedding and party favors, to make magnetic spice jars, to fill with honey, jam and jellies, lip balms, to make candles and just about anything you can think of.

Comes with your choice of plastisol lined twist lug lids. Quantity discounts available.

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  • Nakpunar 8 oz clear tower glass jar with plastisol lined lid Buy clear 8 oz tower glass jar at

    8 oz Tower Glass Jar with Lid - 250 ml

    This straight side 8 fl oz jar has straight side and a fluted top. Smooth sides are perfect to customize for DIY Wedding Favors, gift baskets or any events. Narrow mouth and tall profile make this jar great to fill with sauces, smoothies, ...
    GJR STCL 0800 01
    GJR STCL 0800 01
    Straight Sided
    8 oz
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