Glass Jars

Glass Jars

Glass Jars

We carry wide variety of glass jars from 1/2 oz to 64 oz, in clear, amber, green, cobalt and black color. Nakpunar glass jars are lead free and comes with BPA free plastisol lined lids. We have hexagon jars, mason jars, oval hexagon jars, spice jars, cream jars, square jars, round jars, bear jars, candle jars, tureen jars, favor jars and specialty jars. We have replacement lids in gold, silver, white, black. The mason jar lids available in more than 10 colors and have different styles.

Please let us know if you're looking for specific jar. Retail and wholesale prices available.


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  • 60 ml 2 oz Mini Mason Caviar Glass Jar by Nakpunar 60 ml 2 oz Mini Mason Caviar Glass Jar with Lid by Nakpunar

    2 oz Small Mason Jar with Lid

    Who says jars have to big? Our unique small mason jar is only 2 oz (70 ml) and Made in Italy. Low profile with wide mouth is perfect way to keep baby food, spices, salad sauces in it. High quality lead free mason jar comes BPA free plastisol lined lids...
    GJR MSCL 0200 01 - 1
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