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Bottle Stoppers, Corks

  • Nakpunar Size 8 Natural Cork Stoppers

    Size #8 Natural Cork Stopper

    Natural tapered Size #8 Corks Stoppers are perfect to use with most 18mm opening wine bottles, champagne bottles, lab tubes, vials, bottles. Made from 100% natural cork. Works with our corked bottles: Spherical, Square, Boston, 12 oz Heavy Bottom Nordic...

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  • Nakpunar Glass Bottle Stoppers

    Glass Bottle Stopper

    Our heavy duty, elegant Glass Stopper will work with all 18 mm opening bottles, 750 ml wine bottles, 12 oz Heavy Bottom Liquor Bottles, Wine Bottles, Champagne Bottles and our Corked Bottles.  This stopper DO NOT WORK with 4 oz crystal cut bottle,...

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