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Pincushion Fillings

Buy the highest quality loose Emery Sand and Walnut Shell sewing pincushion fillings to make your very own Sharpening and Cleaning Pincushion. Both stuffing are perfect grain size to maintain your pins and needles. The bigger grain size always damage the tip of the needles. Therefor to use correct size filling is very important.

Emery Powder (sand, mineral) is very hard crushed rock and mixed with some abrasive materials. It's very heavy. 1 cup is equal to 1 lb. The pincushion you filled with Emery Sand will be stable and won't jump around.

The Walnut Shell is totally natural. Thinner than the one used for the reptiles. Lighter than the Emery Powder.

We always recommend you to use an inner cover to prevent leaks.



  • 8 oz 1/2 cup Emery Sand Powder to fill Pin Cushions - DIY Emery Pincushions - Keeps your needles and pins sharp with our pincushion filling.

    Abrasive Emery Pincushion Filling - 1 Cup (1 lb)

    You've probably seen that pincushion found in any store - the tomato with strawberry one. For years we've used the strawberry pincushion without realizing it's very important function. This strawberry pincushion has emery grain inside. Emery is a very...

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  • 2 cups Fine Walnut Shells to fill Pin Cushions

    Now you can make your Eco- Friendly needle sharpener Pincushions with this loose Walnut Shells. It's eco-friendly alternative to our famous Pincushion filling of Emery Sand (Emery Powder, Emery Mineral and Grain)This Walnut shells are not for reptiles!...

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